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Chipped or cracked windshields often seem harmless but tend to get worse over time. The deeper the chip and the longer the cracks, the more it affects your windshield or other auto glass parts. Fortunately, there are plenty of places that can replace badly damaged auto glass. According to Grand View Research, the nation’s market for auto glass should grow by 4.5% annually through 2027. Let’s take a closer look at some of the more common dangers of neglecting auto glass replacements.

Reduced Structural Integrity

Any kind of damage to a windshield affects its strength and durability. The auto glass and especially the windshield add to the structural integrity of the passenger cabin. A windshield that is badly chipped or cracked weakens the passenger cabin’s structural integrity, which could have tragic consequences during a rollover accident. A weakened windshield or another damaged piece of glass also might not withstand another blow from a hard object, which could endanger the passengers.

Obstructed Vision

You need to see clearly to drive clearly, but a damaged windshield might partly obscure your vision. A damaged rear window or side window also might make it harder to see and could block your view of a pedestrian, motorcyclist, or even another car. When even a small chip or crack on a windshield is in the driver’s line of sight, many states have laws requiring auto glass replacements to fix the problem.

Frosted Windows on the Inside

Damages auto glass can let moisture inside the passenger cabin, which can be very bad on cold or rainy days. You might get into your vehicle and find the windshield and other auto glass coated in fog. If it’s especially cold outside, you might have to scrape frost off of the insides of your auto glass. You also might have trouble getting rid of the fog or frost with your windshield wipers if the windshield is slightly deformed by the damage. Then you’ll have to wait for the engine to warm up enough for the defroster to completely rid the windshield and other glass of the frost or fog.

You can call us at Diamond Auto Glass to learn more about auto glass replacements and schedule service for your vehicle. We can give you an accurate quote on the cost to fix your damaged windshield or auto glass and accept auto insurance when applicable.

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